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Family Law

Jeanette specialises in cases involving Child Arrangements. As Jeanette also practises Criminal Law, this means that she can take full advantage of her robust cross-examination skills in the family court arena when those making allegations can be robustly tested. She prides herself on offering her clients a prompt and efficient service, supported by robust advocacy in court. Coming from a non-traditional background and having experienced first hand the family court as a child, she fully understands the stress and anxiety this can bring to the whole family. Jeanette is compassionate with all her clients and fiercely represents their best interests. Jeanette is the obvious choice for cases involving fact finding hearings. 

Client Feedback

I contacted Jeanette when I needed help in order to be able to take my daughter abroad on holiday. Jeanette advised me what I was legally entitled to and wrote to my ex-partner with a proposed agreement to facilitate the holiday which was agreed. Jeanette drafted a Consent Order which was formalised by Court. Then, in the week leading up to the holiday when my ex-partner was being difficult, Jeanette hastily sent a letter enforcing that the agreement had been signed by both parties and that she was bound by it. This enabled me to take my daughter on holiday. Jeanette was exceptionally helpful during this particularly stressful time.

Also, on another occasions, when I made an application to vary my Child Arrangements Order Jeanette gave me advice and helped me fill out the C100 application form and also helped with writing my statements for court.

Jeanette is extremely professional and swift with her responses. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeanette for all the support and guidance she gave me during a difficult and stressful time which resulted in the outcome I had hoped for both myself and my daughter. 

Jeanette is an EXCELLENT family barrister and I have no reservations in recommending her.

Mr Bowen  

I honestly can’t thank Jeanette enough for all the hard work she put into my family case! I would definitely recommend her! She was compassionate, friendly whilst remaining professional and really good value compared to what I have paid in the past!

Miss Lammie​

I would highly recommend Jeanette from the first meeting to last she has been efficient switched on and communicative at a great speed whilst also having a proactive and dynamic approach to getting results and the job done. I was bewildered by the whole justice and family legal system but Jeanette explained everything to me and couldn’t have done anymore so for anyone wanting fantastic and a great service from start to finish don’t look elsewhere. I wish her all the best.

Mr Binfield

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