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Criminal Defence

Jeanette specialises in Criminal Law both in the Magistrates, Crown Courts and Appeal Courts throughout the UK. She regularly receives cases to defend people in all manner of cases from theft to more serious cases such as serious assaults, sexual offences and people trafficking. Jeanette has been successful in achieving many acquittals for clients and prides herself in her attention to detail. She has the unique insight into how a case should be built by the police and the CPS from her previous years working for the police and the CPS as a Crown Prosecutor. She has a keen eye to spot when things have not been done as they should, and she is quick to take issue and advantage on behalf of her client.

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Client Feedback

‘Jeanette was understanding and extremely professional yet always provided an honest view of my chances of success and the various routes a case like mine could take. Which was not good at all. My
case was not straight forward however, Jeanette’s knowledge and experience was exemplary and fully evident during the trial which resulted in a win. I would like to thank Jeanette for her professional service and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I cannot thank Jeanette enough for all her help and support representing me on the day. I would highly recommend her, literally would of been lost without Jeanette there on the day. Amazing defence and I am a very happy person’

Danielle Bayton

‘Jeanette Stevenson is one barrister NOT to be missed! After having previously experienced probably Britains most useless advocate to then be introduced to Miss Stevenson was a complete Godsend.
This charming, intelligent and resourceful young woman saved my career and cleared my name completely. She also made sure I was fully reimbursed of all costs. Her ability to listen to reasonably
complex information and timeline under pressure is truly remarkable. I understand that Jeanette didn't have the easiest start in life and has worked hard to get where she is today. This is a woman that genuinely cares about the situation you are in and will do EVERYTHING to get justice for YOU’

S Hammond (Leicestershire)

Recent feedback from instructing solicitor Jeanette regularly receives instructions:
‘Jeanette is a very articulate advocate that understands the needs of clients and provides detailed advice, whilst reassuring them during difficult times. I have received positive feedback from clients on
cases I have instructed Jeanette’

Manjinder Kang - Director Kang & Co Solicitors

I had the privilege of being represented by Jeanette Ashmole for my appeal against conviction in the Birmingham Crown Court, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

From the outset this was an extremely aggressive prosecution by the CPS due to me once being employed by the CPS myself. My job, legal qualifications and livelihood was at stake because of this wrongful conviction leaving me in tears every night for a year!!

Her expertise in criminal law is unmatched, and her dedication to her clients is exemplary.

The Judge in my appeal was extremely intimidating, however Jeanette's strategic approach, attention to detail, and exceptional advocacy skills were instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome in my case.

Her professionalism, empathy, and unwavering commitment to justice make her an invaluable asset to anyone in need of legal representation in criminal matters.

I sympathise with anyone who finds themselves on the opposing side of Jeanette Ashmole's legal prowess !!! In my humble opinion a future Judge!!!

I wholeheartedly endorse Jeanette Ashmole for anyone seeking a highly skilled and compassionate barrister. Words cannot describe my gratitude x

Arshad Khan

Jeanette was recommended to me by a friend and from our very first chat I knew we would work together. Jeanette is so down to earth but couldn't be more competent and efficient at the same time. Jeanette was extremely approachable and compassionate to our situation. I would highly recommend her services. A real professional and wonderful lady.

Debbie Nelson

If you need any legal help, definitely Jeanette is the best person for you. From the moment she heard about my problem she researched straight away and found a lot of information to help me in my case. Easy communication, good listener, good advisor, she will not stop until she finds the best solution for you. Words are certainly not enough to express my gratitude to Jeanette!

Verica Vitanov

Jeanette sorted out an ongoing case for me in a couple of weeks after going backwards and forwards for over 3 years. Jeanette sorted it out in a week, highly recommended, gets to the root of the problem, knows what she's talking about and plays no games. very understanding and highly recommended.

David Grant

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