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Jeanette is able to represent clients in appeals from the Magistrates Court to The Crown Court. Jeanette regularly advises on grounds of appeal from the Crown Court to the Court of Appeal and cases appealed by way of case stated. 

In a recent case Jeanette was able to get a client's 12 convictions quashed after expert evidence was able to show that at the time of the convictions the client was unfit to plead or stand trial. This included a referal to the Criminal Case Review Commission.

Jeanette also represents clients in appeals for cases brought by their employer or professional regulator. 

Client Feedback

‘Jeanette -what an AMAZING young woman! She recently represented me in Court. My previous Barrister just homed in to one aspect of law and that was it and consequently we lost the original hearing. I decided to take it to the hilt as I was dumbfounded at the appalling system of the courts and the quality of the judge in question. Jeanette showed up with wig and pen and a lovely smile. She had such a small amount of time to absorb a lot of information and i thought as with the previous Barrister she wouldnt be interested anyway. Boy was I wrong. She understood the detail almost immediately. Giving her information at 100 miles per hour- no problem for Jeanette. Straight into court no faffing about just humility and an inner self-assurance. There is no wonder she has commendations etc. What a superb career she has ahead of her. Hopefully a future judge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jeanette’

I would like to write my best recommendation for brilliant Barrister, Jeanette. I had previously very poor experiences and I was largely unsupported and even discouraged to pursue my way to seek justice. Due to difficult circumstances, I carried a burden of the backlog issues to be dealt with and was very distressed about it and almost lost hope.

When I contacted Mrs Jeanette, I had welcoming advice and right away I was given an immediate, clear view about the course of action to take. It not only made me feel supported but soon resulted in a winning case, where the judge himself was motivated to help. Throughout the case, reading my correspondence, Ms Jeanette quickly saw through the real issues most relevant to claiming justice and prepared all the documents to communicate a clear message in the most effective ways, backed with strong law points.

This led to victory. We now had our first success, one more issue to deal with and I found out about the new relevant grounds within the next 24 hours as Ms Jeanette has already done the research about the relevant law. I also learned I can claim back some legal costs.

Ms Jeanette is the best lawyer I ever had contact with, is brilliant, highly supportive, helps so efficiently, is highly organised and focused on the issues involved. She truly represents the best interest of her clients and serves justice. I also know I would probably not find my way to justice without her help. I am so grateful for all her hard work, dedication and invaluable support I received. After a long journey, my faith in justice is restored.
Thank you, Jeanette.

Magdalena Krol

I had the privilege of being represented by Jeanette Ashmole for my appeal against conviction in the Birmingham Crown Court, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

From the outset this was an extremely aggressive prosecution by the CPS due to me once being employed by the CPS myself. My job, legal qualifications and livelihood was at stake because of this wrongful conviction leaving me in tears every night for a year!!

Her expertise in criminal law is unmatched, and her dedication to her clients is exemplary.

The Judge in my appeal was extremely intimidating, however Jeanette's strategic approach, attention to detail, and exceptional advocacy skills were instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome in my case.

Her professionalism, empathy, and unwavering commitment to justice make her an invaluable asset to anyone in need of legal representation in criminal matters.

I sympathise with anyone who finds themselves on the opposing side of Jeanette Ashmole's legal prowess !!! In my humble opinion a future Judge!!!

I wholeheartedly endorse Jeanette Ashmole for anyone seeking a highly skilled and compassionate barrister. Words cannot describe my gratitude x

Arshad Khan

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